5 reasons to go to Piedmont, Italy….

5 reasons to go to Piedmont, Italy….

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… the sixt reason? La Monsterrato-Strade Bianche Monferrato, june 21th 2020, Camagna, Piedmont (Italy)

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No region in Italy quite compares to Piedmont’s combination of fine wines, gastronomy and beautiful countryside, lying at the foot of the Alps. It would be quite easy to spend a whole trip just wandering through the picture postcard vineyards and celebrated cantinas of the Langhe, whose hills produce some of the world’s greatest, most structured red wines, Barolo and Barbaresco, as well as Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto. The vineyard landscape is unique and so perfect, that in 2014 it achieved the ultimate honour of being added to the exclusive list of Unesco World Heritage sites.
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Hills of Piedmont with a dirt road

From stunning landscapes of old stones and high mountains to the prospect of tasting world-class wines, Piedmont has no lack of appeals.
The hillsides of Langhe and Monferrat, which gave birth to the slow food movement, are home to a unique soil that nurtures white truffles and prestigious wines. AlbaBarbarescoBarolo and Asti are just a few of these medieval, wine-growing villages, rich in restaurants and wineries.
In the north, you will enter a high altitude region as you grow closer to the Mont Blanc. The Valle d’Aosta is riddled with valleys rich in hiking and skiing opportunities, sometimes within reach of some of the highest alpine peaks, such as Monte Rosa and Gran Paradiso.
As for the enterprising regional capital of Turin, it has become a playground for architects and the site of some amazing museums.
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There are many good reasons for visiting Piedmont, whose name translates as “at the foot of the mountain”. The Alpine region that borders France and Switzerland in Italy’s far north-west offers world-class museums and baroque architecture in Turin; an abundance of fine wine and food; superlative sport in the Alps. But there’s one thing that sets the region apart, particularly at Halloween, and that’s Turin’s reputation for magic.
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